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Do you need IT support?


At EZ Micro Solutions, we’re about so much more than managed IT solutions. We’re a team of dedicated members who are constantly striving to provide better service. We’re driven by partnership, reliability, and helping you when you need it, not just when we have time. We do what we do because we love making your life easier, and your technology more efficient. We are a team of “Dedicated Servers.”

Struggling with any of these challenges?

EZ Micro Has the Right Solution


As a business owner, Mike Jenkins knew that he couldn't do it all himself, so he decided to bring in an expert to be proactive about PC health. That's when EZ Micro got involved.


As a Technology Manager, Tim knew that he needed someone to help him manage the day-to-day operations, as well as the big projects. So, EZ Micro stepped in to become part of the team.


Debbie knows that as the Office Manager of a company that keeps important health records, she needs someone to help put out fires and keep electronic medical records protected. She needed a magic wand. EZ Micro is that magic wand.

See Why Our Clients Love Us

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