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Experience freedom with stair lifts.People are living longer today than ever before, and many like to stay in their home where they have lived for years. Sadly, one of the great challenges of aging is a decline in physical ability, and for those who live in a two-story house climbing stairs can be a real obstacle. For someone in this situation, a stair lift can be a real lifesaver. A stair lift cannot only remove the danger of a fall, it can also remove barriers in movement that keep a person isolated in their own home.

Stair lifts are a low cost alternative to an elevator. They consist of a chair mounted on a track that is connected to the stairs in your home. The chair travels along the stairway just above the steps. When buying a stair lift, you should look for certain features that will work best for you.

Things to look for when buying a lift:

  • You want a folding seat so that the stair lift will not block the stairway when it痴 not it use.
  • Look for easy access in getting in and out of the stair lift chair, taking into account the disabilities the users may have.
  • Make certain the capacity is rated for your specific needs.
  • Most stair lifts can be mounted to curved or straight stairs, but there can be additional costs for larger curves.
  • Find a unit with simple controls, there are units out there that have wireless controllers as well as wall mounted controls.
  • If you decide on a variable speed unit, find one with a smooth transition between speed selections.
  • If your stair lift will require crossing a doorway, you should look for a unit that includes folding tracks.
  • If you will be installing the stair lift outdoors, make certain it has outdoor certification.

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Think of us as a resource guide to finding stairlift information online. We have gathered togetherthe best sites to help you find what you are looking for. In addition we provide buying tips and otherimportant things to consider before purchasing a stairlift. Not only that, but there are informativearticles for you to read too. Such topics include where to buy a lift, tips on installation, finding a trustworthy installer, and much, much more.



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