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Aichi Forge USA, Inc., is a division of the Japanese based, Aichi Steel Corporation. Our highly engineered hot impression die forging products serve global manufacturers with critical application solutions.

Aichi Forge USA, Inc. has the unique advantage of highly flexible production processes across a broad range of equipment sizes. We are one of the few forging companies in the world that have mechanical presses ranging in size from 1600 tons to 8000 tons under one roof. Furthermore, we operate three 8000 ton and two 6000 ton presses. We are able to forge symmetrical as well as asymmetrical shapes with emphasis on optimizing material yields. We can do more work with less tonnage as a result of our engineering and die design expertise. Often this can result in cost savings for our customers who would otherwise have to purchase products off of larger presses or hammers.

Our central Kentucky location and proximity to our key supplier partners positions us well to support lower logistics and utility related costs for our customers. Please take a few minutes to explore our site to learn more about our company.

 AFUSA Policy & Mission Statement


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