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Investing Costs That Will Devour Your Returns - Huffington Post

What's a reasonable fee to pay for investing your own money? The answer: Much less than what you're probably paying for your 401(k) -- and the worst bit is you might not even realize it.

According to a report from New York-based think tank Demos, 401(k) fees can cost the average household as much as $155,000 over the course of a lifetime. Yet many employers have no idea when it comes to the fees they and their employees pay for their 401(k) plans, a recent report shows.

Until recently, mutual funds have been notoriously opaque about how much is being charged for trading or administering an account. Thankfully, as of next month, The U.S. Labor Department will begin requiring extensive disclosure of all 401(k) charges.

This is good news, but it doesn't help explain what's reasonable. How do you know when you're paying too much?

Here are some tips for avoiding return-eating fees:

1. Make Cost Matter

The value of an investment is, ultimately, in the returns. You should be wary of any fund or manager that charges high fees (1 percent or more), because high costs will only drain your savings. 1 percent might sound tiny -- but it can work out to be a third of all returns after tax and inflation.

Be wary of managers or products that claim that high fees are worth it because they get better returns. A study by Morningstar found that low-cost funds outperformed high-cost funds in every single time period and data point tested.It's simple: keeping costs low is the smart way to invest.

2. Know Your Fee Plan

Not all accounts are created equal. Some products charge broker fees for every trade while others charge a percentage of assets under management. Some products require you pay for a wire transfer in order to fund your account. These costs can add up. According to the Wall Street Journal, mutual funds charge hidden fees that can make a fund two or three times as costly as advertised.

3. Align Your Interests

In a previous life helping banks make more money, I saw product after product that was designed for corporate profit over customer value. When building my company Betterment, an online investment product, I made aligning interests a priority. When our customers make money, we make money.

It might come as a surprise to learn that not all financial advice is in your best interest. Brokers make money off of the products they sell you -- so the more you pay, the more they earn, or in some cases, the more you trade the more they earn (and excessive trading is definitely not in your best interest).

"Fee-only" is a preferable approach -- but beware of financial advisors who overcharge. This is not in your best interest either (see #1).

4. Be Suspicious of Big Promises

Few people can consistently outperform the market. Be wary of anyone who tries to convince you they have the secret sauce. Their returns would have to be significantly better than the market in order to offset the costs incurred by their active trading.

Instead, think about what's important to you in life and make a pact with yourself to achieve it. Dedicate a percentage of each paycheck to your goal, and invest it in the broad market portfolio. It might not be as intoxicating as tall tales of above-average returns, but the likelihood of you achieving your dreams is far greater this way -- and that's anything but boring.

Jon Stein is the founder and CEO of Betterment. Passionate about helping people make smart decisions with their money, he founded the online investment product in 2008. Jon is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), a Series 7, 24, and 63 Registered Securities Representative, and a graduate of Harvard University (Economics) and Columbia Business School.

His interests lie at the intersection of behavior, psychology, and economics. What excites him most about his work is making everyday activities and products more efficient, accessible, and easy to use.


Follow Jon Stein on Twitter: www.twitter.com/@jonstein

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Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jon-stein/investing-costs-that-will_b_1631687.html

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Google Chrome Comes to iPhone and iPad

It?s the second day of Google?s I/O conference, and Google has even more big announcements. Chrome, Google?s popular web browser, is now available for the iPhone and iPad. Apple users can now access their saved Chrome tabs and browsing history across all of their devices, not just desktop and laptop computers.

Google Chrome for the iPhone and iPad will have all of the features that desktop users have grown to love, including tabbed browsing and?incognito?mode. Switching through tabs requires a simple drag from the edge of the screen, rather than mobile Safari?s separate tab manager view. Switching between regular and?incognito?mood is equally simple, a tab of a button switches back and forth.

Google Chrome will be available in the Apple App Store later today. Check back for a hands-on once Chrome is?available.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/LAPTOPBuyingGuides/~3/zY0qV7PN0MA/google-chrome-comes-to-iphone-and-ipad

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On historic day at Supreme Court, U.S. citizens and world come to watch

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In sweltering Washington heat, more than 1,000 people from across the United States and around the world gathered outside the U.S. Supreme Court Thursday to await the court's decision on President Barack Obama's contested healthcare law.

The historic day proved a magnet not only for the media throngs but for belly-dancing protesters, flag-waving, bullhorn-wielding partisans on all sides and the now omni-present Tea Party sentinel in full Revolutionary War uniform.

The mood outside the court, which is across the street from the domed U.S. Capitol, was divided like the justices themselves, who ruled the health care law constitutional.

A pregnant Michelle Junessa, her husband Gabriel - a salesman from New Orleans - and their 3-year-old son, Austin, booked their flights to Washington two days ago hoping to witness a striking down of the entire law.

"We feel strongly about Obamacare not being put into place ... it's nerve racking," she said. "It needs to go, it needs to be reworked. It was too much too fast, shoving it down our throats."

A few feet away, Liz and Stan Lehman from Arkansas, who work as a nurse and medical imager respectively, sat watching the spectacle, taking in the competing chants of the pro- and anti-healthcare camps.

The Lehmans admitted they were uncomfortable with the law's individual mandate requiring Americans to buy health coverage or pay a penalty. However, they support the rest of the law - especially the provision protecting people with pre-existing conditions from being denied coverage.

Stan Lehman said being there reminded him of key moments during the U.S. civil rights movement a half century ago. "It's a biggie," he said as he looked toward the white marble court building.

Earlier, a gathering of young pro-Obama supporters had come out in full force toting signs reading: "I love Obama-care."

In their midst was Kristan Hawkins, the executive director of Students for Life America, an anti-abortion organization campaigning against the healthcare law. Hawkins, tried to counter the group's cheers, speaking intermittently into a megaphone.

"We have our protests actually down the street. I just chose to step here in the middle," she said, citing long-wait times for medical treatment in countries with universal healthcare, like Canada and Britain, as a main reason for her opposition to the law.


A few soft strains of people singing "God Bless America" filtered through the back of the crowd as it quieted down in anticipation of the court's ruling.

The decision, released just after 10 a.m. EDT, was greeted initially by a roar of approval and cheering from those in support. That was soon followed by a stereo blasting Obama's signature 2008 campaign song - Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed Delivered, I'm Yours".

Minutes later the police pushed the crowd back even further to make way for an ambulance that had just arrived. As a stretcher was pulled out, an officer told Reuters: "A lady has just had a heart attack. We've had a few people faint."

The rest of the morning belonged to the sounds of a rally, organized on the court steps by the conservative Tea Party movement and attended by Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

The rally's chants of "November is coming!" and "We will repeal!" referred to the group's next hope: that presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney will be elected in the November election and will work to fulfill his pledge to repeal the law.


Inside the Supreme Court, tourists wearing Hawaiian shirts, shorts and baseball caps streamed past groups of men and women in dark suits clutching thick white copies of the decision.

At the entrance to the courtroom, where the nine justices' empty chairs loomed in the background, two young women in hijabs politely asked a bystander to take their photo.

Marwa Jamal and Ghofran Mansoub were visiting from Yemen - a country caught in the throes of the Arab Spring; its people struggling for their own rights.

Both women, informed by their own experiences, were struck by the order and civility of the scene outside the court.

"Today is a historical day. We saw the demonstrations and good for the American people today. Each people try fight for their rights and ask for their rights in their own way, peacefully," Jamal said. "We are going to send these photos home and say where we were when this decision happened."

(This story corrects day of week in first paragraph to Thursday, instead of Wednesday. Corrects typographical errors in paragraphs 7, 10 and 18)

(Reporting by Salimah Ebrahim; editing by Christopher Wilson and Fred Barbash.)

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Natural gas prices drop 3 percent

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

6/28/12 ? Barbara Roberson ? Thunder Radio

Barbara Roberson, age 79 of Belvidere, TN., passed away at her home surrounded by her family.?

A native of Brooklyn, NY she was a registered Nurse.? She trained at Jewish Brooklyn Hospital where she graduated second in her class.? She lived in Brooklyn, NY for many years then moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL for a warmer climate and to be near family.? Following her retirement from nursing in 1998 she moved to Waynesboro, NC and made her home with her youngest daughter, Susan.? In 2008 she moved to Belvidere where she made her home with another daughter, Donna.?

Mrs. Robertson was a devoted Roman Catholic and a member of the Good Shepherd Church.? She will remembered as a woman who enjoyed every aspect of life to the fullest, who enjoyed shopping and was a devoted and loving mother and grandmother who had an optimistic outlook on life.?

Mrs. Robertson is preceded in death by her mother, Evelyn Baker Klaskin and her father, Jack Klaskin; a brother, Richard Klaskin; her first husband, John S. Fahey (who was Director of Parks and Recreation in the City of Pembroke Pines, FL).? ?

She is survived by daughters, Lonnie Fahey Wines of Buford, GA, Donna Fahey (Carl) Soderlin of Belvidere, TN Laura Fahey of New Galilee, PA and Susan Fahey Pelletier of Waynesboro, NC; brother, Bruce (Judy) Klaskin of Dover, PA; grandchildren, Taryn? & Tyler John Soderlin, Joseph & Daniel Pelletier and Ryker Wines.?

A Funeral Mass will be conducted from Good Shepherd Church at 11 a.m. Thursday June 28, 2012.?

Interment will follow at Watson-North Memorial Park.? Serving as pallbearers will be Taryn &Tyler Soderlin, Joseph & Daniel Pelletier, Ryker Wines and Carl William Soderlin.?

Visitation with the family will be Wednesday evening, June 27, 2012 from 5-8 p.m. at Watson-North Funeral Home.? ?

Watson-North Funeral Home, Cremation Center & Memorial Park in charge of arrangements.

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Life Coach, Hypnotherapy and NLP Portland, OR: 6 Ways to ...

6 Ways to Improve Your Memory

Improve Your Memory

Clients come to me for? help with their memories. There are some traditional methods to help with memorization and I explain those to them.

More often they want to recall whole concepts and events more vividly rather than being able to improve rote memory.



Try this:

  1. Breathe in to the count of 6, hold for 6, exhale to 12.
  2. Repeat 3 times. Now that you?re relaxed, be sure you?re comfortable.
  3. Select a short piece of information from the newspaper, magazine or book that you can use for this exercise.
  4. Read it through once and choose 4 specific aspects of the story that are interesting to you.
  5. Read it through again and consider only these 4 aspects from a different perspective such as choosing a different attitude or voice for the narrator or an alternate ending to the piece.
  6. Read it through again with yet another perspective of those same aspects.

By learning to use different perspectives, you?ll begin to notice that you feel more alert and that your memory is better.

CLICK HERE to schedule a free?Consultation? http://www.imaginechanges.com/contact/

or call 503.805.6595

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Cellphone Is not just the Transmission Application | ExpertsArticles ...

Cellular phone, generally known as smartphone, is renowned for it is comfort along with magic formula. With the growth of nation?s economy, cellular telephone possesses almost arrived at to every single a person, possibly several young people.
On the beginning, smartphone only can often get in touch with along with receive devices. While using the an increasing number of competitors, lots of cell phone brands make an effort to boost the capabilities regarding phone, for instance, taking photos or even tuning in musics, and keep firm market share or even widen this.

When one particular gets into suppliers promoting ornaments, one can observe lines connected with cell phone equipment on a wall. You will discover ornaments pending along with rings, material cellular telephone products, colourful long band components, lovely doll widgets and so forth. Having said that, it?s useful to carry these types of cellular phone icons? It?s challenging to state.
And after this mobile isn?t only a conversation tools in the course of people?s way of life, but additionally grow to be wearer?s id and the ornament that demonstrate his / her trend stage. Some mobile phone dealers encourage their own fresh model handsets through providing cellular add-ons for example information wires, phone chargers, electric batteries, wireless bluetooth accessories. As we know a lot of clients purchase the cell phone due to useful or maybe useful cell accessories. By way of example, they believe it is a great to pay attention songs or even receive a phone by simply headset to the shuttle. What?s more, you don?t need to get the Cd as well as digital camera while you head outdoors, as the mobile has had. And many people today wish to wear the particular earphone though converse for mobile phone, which is not simply an interesting and also helps to reduce the radiation. This really is another advantage.
Even so, there are many young people need to communicate in a number of personal things which is appropriate while in the community place. Just what if and when they accomplish? Send out announcements, such as the know a whole lot China phonetic alphabet! Don?t get worried! You will find a form of cellular phone equiped having compact cellphone icons, you might send messaged by simply writing having a particular little compose, that is more rapidly and a lot more practical! Nowadays, there is certainly require, there may be provide. Using cell phone widgets, you could also down load several e-books on your cell phone to get rid of the extended holding out time frame. As well as e-dictionary that?s useful for the research and some activities to get fun et cetera. These are valuable characteristics in the mobile phones. But wait, how to produce ones cellular phone extra wonderful and fashionable as well as simple capture?
That?s straightforward! Get some smaller decorations or you can observe there are several styles of cellular telephone gizmos in the marketplace. You could sense baffled concerning are always tons build. At this moment, you must be sufferer to decide on the most suitable and substitute mobile gizmo. As we know, a good diverse unit can show you much more sweet and as well boost your mobile phone style education. Apart from, it is possible to go with a beneficial mobile device just like a key chain, the industry beautification, but they can secure your current car keys by losing.
Cell phone, a type of mobile phone, it?s not only some sort of transmission instrument, but would never drop his this operate, it?s a cellular phone on the planet.

Article author is definitely Overseer regarding Portable Company Growth from BeoMob.rs . Beomob can be an mobile phones gadgets go shopping to select from futrole za mobilni, and other bocne futrole.

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