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Welcome to Rockville Centre Build, where you can follow our journey as we bring our new home to life, step by step.



Hey there and welcome to Rockville Centre Build! My name is Michelle Foley and my husband Kevin and I are about to undergo the ultimate construction project: We're building our brand new home from scratch.

Ok, we won't be hammering any nails or putting up dry wall, but we are going to share the ins and outs of all the research and decisions that go into a project of this size. Hopefully we will be able to help others, even if just a little, who follow after. 


I'm also going to share some of what we did previously to our current house; that was also gut renovated btw. 

You might be asking yourself "why in gods name are these people building another home, after they renovated their current house?!"  Well there are a few reasons - but primarily because my husband bought our current home, before we even met, as an investment and neither of us saw it as the place we want to raise our children. Enter our daughter Riley; and on we go to our next project!

It also helps a lot that my husband and I truly ENJOY home projects. During my childhood my parents bought and flipped houses, my dad being a general contractor, and so I'm used to construction sites and have home design in my blood. As for my husband, this will be his third house, and I have to hand it to him, for a guy in finance, he is pretty handy.

Our friends have always joked "What will you guys do once you run out of projects around the house?!" 

And I guess the answer to that question is, build a new house! 

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Rockville Centre, NY, USA

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