Terry Anderson
Spanking Charlene

New CD
Sad Bastards of Brooklyn Vol 2

Volume 2 includes covers of songs by Elvis Costello, Motorhead, Jahn Xavier, Linda Ronstadt, Thin Lizzy and more.


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Terry Anderson
Terry Anderson


You'll be forgivenfor thinking that Terry Anderson would have run outof songs by now. He's been at it for over 30 years,and his tunes have stocked the shelves for the FaboulousKnobs, the Woods, the Yayhoos, various other Dan Bairdenterprises, and, of course, the Olympic Ass-KickinTeam. But, nope, here he is back with another batch- songs about sex, women, sexy women, America the Contradictoryand Barry Bonds and it might jus be his best collectionyet.

Terry Anderson
Joe Jackson

Live Music

Recorded onJoe Jackson's 2010 European tour, the album features new re-workings of some of his best-known songs (from Look Sharp and Night And Day) as well as lesser-known ones from Blaze of Glory and Volume 4, and surprising cover versions of songs by John Lennon, David Bowie and Ian Dury.

Helen Reddy

FeelSo Young
Best Christmas Ever
Come With Me

Threealbums including rare andpreviously unreleased songs and new, jazz-infused renditionsof some of Helen's biggest hits.

"...stunning music!"
- Ice Magazine

"Great Big Island is doing something the record companies can't and probably never will."
- Michael Meisel, manager

"Bloody good work!"
- Joe Jackson

"Paul's (Cantelon) music is serene."
- Rickie Lee Jones

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