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Sunday, February 10, 2013

More basketball

Ryan has really turned into a basketball superstar this year. He is the best dribbler on the team and has a knack for driving to the basket.

Drive down the left, no wait, back to the top, no left again. Driving the lane, quick pull up jumper, nothing but net.

Our little point guard does it again. Dribbling around the defense, nothing but net.

This last video just makes me smile. We have 8 kids on our team and before today 7 of the 8 kids have scored at least one basket. We tried desperately to get Kameron a basket. Here he finally gets his basket. So awesome to have such a great group of kids. They all listened to me after the first quarter when I told them the game plan was pass Kameron the ball and get him a basket. Here he does finally get his basket!!! This is the kind of thing that makes coaching priceless. Seeing the excitement from his teammates and the proud smile on his face lets a guy sleep easy at night. :D

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Ryan made two baskets at the game :)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ryan's first day of 2nd grade

Today was Ryan's first day of 2nd grade.  His teacher is Mr. Yocum this year, and the classroom is all decked out in Peanuts characters.  Too cool!

Eric, in his new angry birds shirt

"mom - can we do a silly picture?"

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Buster's Puppy Class Graduation

Buster graduated from puppy class today with a gold star.  We did six weeks of classes at petSmart and Ryan went with us to all the classes except one.  Buster did a great job on his "test"!  He did great at his loose leash walking with leave it, sit, stay, shake, greeting, come when called and lay down.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jenny's Wedding - Day 2: THE WEDDING!

What a beautiful ceremony!  We had such a nice time and are thankful we were able to be there.

Here is Evan and his mom (see how windy it is!!!)

Sean walking Grandma Jean down the aisle

I got distracted by my boys and totally missed Grandpa Leroy walking Jenny down the aisle. argh.

Jenny and Evan's friend, Brent, performed the ceremony - he did a fabulous job.

I love the look on Evan's face here.

My boys sitting quietly. Miracles do happen

Jenny and Evan built into the ceremony a description of all the states that are significant to their lives.  The kids each got to wave a state flag when called upon.  Ryan thought he was pretty special as he had TWO flags.

Here he is waving the Kansas flag

Eric had the Missouri flag

Jenny and Evan's rings were passed around the guests for each of us to hold and to bless them.  Eric of course wanted to keep them, so here he is wearing my ring :)

The vows

The kiss...

and our favorite picture :)  MARRIED!

and Eric fell asleep right after the flags

Jenny's Wedding - Day 2: waiting for the ceremony and taking pictures...

Getting ready for the wedding!  Here are my handsome boys :)
we took a family shot after this, but it was with my cell phone. oops.  I have no good family shot of us, sure hope someone took one!

Waiting for the wedding pictures to be taken

Grandma Jean and Grandpa Leroy looking fabulous!

sitting in the sun to stay warm - and waiting patiently

This sums up Eric, all in one picture.  I love it.

The arbor, all dressed up in flowers

picture time!

The bride and groom with all the kiddos.  Eric was quite stoic in all the pictures

Jessica and Tom - a little blurry, but still a good picture!

Jenny's Wedding - Day 2: Pirate Mini-Golf

what's better than mini-golf?  PIRATE mini-golf! ARGH!

This little golf course is pretty cool for the little ones, not much of a challenge so no meltdowns.  That's a win for me. :)  Grandma Jean, Sean, Ryan, Eric and I all took the plunge on this one.

Ryan of course chose a purple golf ball. (and just like in baseball, he has his hands backwards)

Eric's golf form is hilarious - he just holds the putter (wrong) and pushes the ball along, in essence driving it, until it falls in the hole

Look at that winning form.....

See this guy?  he moves... and talks... and waves the pistol.  Eric was deathly afraid of him

Grandpa Leroy went for a bike ride and met us at the course.
I love both of these pictures, so I am putting both in here - can't decide which I like better

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