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Data Acquisition

Honey I Shrunk the Datalogger
This has got to be the world's smallest datalogger!

AdcDongle 12A

Portable Data Acquisition Hardware
New serial port models forWindows95/98/2000, UNIX.
Perfect for any laptop.

 Data Acquisition Hardware and Software...Low Cost, ISA Bus A/D D/A CardStarting at less than $100.
GUI Editors, DLLs and C stuff for DOS and Windows.

Home and Office

SoundJr Digital Audio Dongle

 SAVE$$$ Close-Out Special-Limited Number Available - Sound Modules for Laptops...Great sound, plugs into parallel port, no batteries needed.

Technical Services

 Ask Professor Foletta about Data Acquisition, Sensors, Analog Signals, etc.
His office door is open!

 Here is a collection of links to net sites related to data acquisition.

 Product Software Design or Product Hardware Design...we can help you develop new products.

 Company Profile...Where in the world is SiliconSoft and who are they?

 Freeware...select software.


Comments or Problems

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Here is a collection of links to net sites related to data acquisition.The links page will be updated regularly as new sites are discovered.If you know of any sites you think would be appropriate to list here, email Webmaster with the URL.

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